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Life-Guard for poultry

Life-Guard's patented formula helps poultry, chickens and hens to maintain a healthy immune system, supports gut flora and allow birds to cope with environmental change, as well as improving body weight, egg quality and number, feathering and skin condition.
Directions for use:


Feed 7.5 ml Life-Guard™ in a 3 L* drinker daily to support health and vitality in domestic fowl
* Up to 3 chickens

If your chickens show signs of stress or poor condition, feed at the loading rate and repeat as necessary. For chickens in healthy condition, feed at maintenance. Every other day, discard any remaining water and refill.

Loading Rate 35 ml per 3 L
(2-3 weeks) 120 ml per 10 L
Maintenance 7.5 ml per 3 L
  25 ml per 10 L

Composition Water, Glucosamine, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Propylene glycol.

Additives (per L):
Biotin   35000 mg
Nicotinamide   8000 mg
Pantothenic Acid   2000 mg
para-amino benzoic acid   200 mg
Vitamin A E 672 2000000 I.U.
Vitamin B1   600 mg
Vitamin B12   4000 mcg
Vitamin B2   1070 mg
Vitamin B6   800 mg
Vitamin D3 E 671 300000 I.U.
Vitamin E   8000 mg
Vitamin K   660 mg
Astragalus tincture   16.6 ml
Blueberry tincture   44.2 ml
Echinacea tincture   16.6 ml
Ginger tincture   44.2 ml
Licorice tincture   33.1 ml
Milk thistle tincture   99 ml
Oregano tincture   8.84 ml
Turmeric tincture   55.3 ml
Protein   3.5 %
Fat   <1 %
Ash   1.3 %
Crude Fibre   1.2 %
Sodium   870 mg/L
Moisture   67.2 %
Methionine   <0.02 %
Lysine   <0.02 %
Available pack sizes:
250ml, 500ml & 1L